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  1. [...] Inventor the second choice also includes the option to create custom 3D features to the 3D model in solid mode. Very handy and makes the process easy and fun. Secondly Inventor allows you to input your distance and angle to a line before you create it which seems like the natural procedure of creating a design. Working on planes is not a problem here, all you have to do is pick the surface you want to work off of and the software does the rest. It uses the surface you pick to automatically become the working plane. This makes the 3D Modeling process so much simpler. After using both of these programs for several years I believe my favorite for 3D Parametric Modeling would be Inventor hands down! The way it allows you to just flow through the design process makes it the definite choice for the 3D Designer. Inventor is the program I use to create the majority of my 3D Models. If you would like to receive a free 3D custom Model visit eLine Design Subscribe and get your own FREE Design [...]

  2. [...] The Theory of projections of objects upon imaginary planes of projection(to obtain views) apparently was not developed until the early part of the fifteenth century by the Italian Architects Alberti, Brunelleschi, and others. It is well known that Leonardo da Vinci used drawings to record and transmit to others his ideas and designs form mechanical constructions, and many of these drawings are in existence today. Graphic Language and Graphic Design help everyone understand and communicate their ideas through the use of views like Perspective and Orthographic. With this Universal language parts, components, systems and new products such as inventions can be explained through the use of lines, dimensions and symbols. For all 3D Design related Questions and for a FREE 3D Custom CAD Design Visit eLine Design [...]

  3. […] can be used for a variety of things from just normal logos to complex 3D Logos.  When branding a company the logo is one of the most important aspects because it gives a visual […]

  4. […] the site, Submit their drawings or sketches by Uploading their Files on the Form provided on the Contact Page, and after reviewing the project eLine Design will Contact them with a completion date. New […]