Invention Design Services
CAD Drafting Services

Invention Design Services

We use inventors sketches, drawings , blueprints , or any other information to design 3D models with CAD invention design software. Once the Computer Aided Design meets the Investors standards we use the file to manufacture a rapid prototype with the aid of our 3D printers. Our Invention Design & Rapid Prototyping Services  provide the majority of task that Inventors need … [Read More...]

CAD Drafting
CAD drafting

CAD Drafting

eLineDesign is a CAD Drafting Service & 3D Modeling Company based online for Inventors Help with Patents. Prototypes & Manufacturing Needs. We offer Free CAD … [Read More...]

Rapid Prototyping
3D Printing Companies

Rapid Prototyping Services

Prototype Design is crucial for Inventors & allows changes to be identified before Manufacturing begins. We practice One on One communication between the … [Read More...]

Patent Drawings/Blueprints
CNC CAD Design Services
CNC CAD Designers

CNC Designers

CNC CAD Designers Here at eLine Design we specialize in CNC Drafting and CNC Drawings. We use CAD Software specially designed for Mechanical Parts and CNC Machines. … [Read More...]

Invention Engineers
Invention Engineers

Invention Engineer

Engineering Inventions is our specialty and is performed by open minded individuals who have the ability to take specific information, gather it together & … [Read More...]