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Patent Designing Inventors go through the struggle of the Patent process daily and really need any assistance they can get that may make the situation more bearable. One of the biggest obstacles within this process is to have their Invention designed. Once completed the Inventor can move on to producing a Prototype which will act as a guide to any changes that may be necessary, or as a tool to help market their Invention to potential investors. A lot of Inventors make the mistake of having their Patent Drawings done at an Invention Service … [Read More...]
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CNC CAD Designers Here at eLine Design we specialize in CNC Drafting and CNC Drawings. We use CAD Software specially designed for Mechanical Parts and CNC Machines. Our CAD Designers can Convert any 2D file into a 3D Model for CNC Manufacturing and Injection Molds Our CAD Drafting Service offers Free CAD Estimates to all Visitors and will Beat any Online Competitors Prices Located within the United States By 5% Here's an example video of how CNC Machines can …[Read More...]
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Engineering Inventions is our specialty and is performed by open minded individuals who have the ability to take specific information, gather it together & design inventions using CAD drafting software. Diversity doesn't give the idea of performing this type of engineering any justice. Considering the fact that no two products or inventions are alike the task of designing inventions never becomes repetitious. … [Read More...]

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